TOG Catalog 2014 


From TOG's website: 

Last year, furniture brand TOG – ALLCREATORSTOGETHER – launched with an innovative goal: to pull together the best of humanity with craftsmanship, along with the best industry development with its highest technology. TOG tries to solve a strong paradox that is to offer all the advantages of democratized production – that permits high quality and service – with the best of human craftsmanship that grants the uniqueness.

At TOG there is no style but freedom. TOG provides the consumers and contract users with the perfectly designed “naked” products, mass-produced in Italy, yet enables them to personalise the products if they wish. The customisation is an intrinsic part of the products conceived at their creative process. Customers can choose from a large range of colours, shapes and other options in store or through digital platforms. And this year TOG goes further, with a focus on the final user customisation: a do-it-yourself concept in order to foster uniqueness leaving it to the customer’s fantasy and creativity. An even further step is selecting a customiser from a network of creatives around the world for a bespoke commission.