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Contempo Catalog 2013

Website: http://www.contempo.it/it/index.aspx

Contempo is an Italian company whose philosophy's cornerstones have always been Made in Italy and craftsmanship, and has created over the years a unique and unmistakable style, that revolves around design, comfort and quality.

The main features of Contempo Collections are, indeed, the excellent quality of the materials used, design as a perfect synthesis of form and function, comfort and, above all, the extreme attention devoted to the craft of each product, in a state-of-the-art context. Each product, thus, is a special edition, cared for with craftsman attention and wisdom.

In a field as dynamic and competitive as furniture, Contempo offers a unique product, not standardized, high in design value, and that's indicated for customers who are not prone to trends and fashion, but love to furnish their spaces with a personal, refined taste.

All the elements that are part of different collections (sofas, chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, beds, lamps) are tightly coordinated: thus, the wood used for the base of the sofa, is the same used for the sideboard, or for the coffee tables (as well as the design); the lampshade is covered in the same fabric used for the seat of the sofa, while the leather used for the frame of the same sofa is also on the doors of the sideboard...

Everything builds up to the creation of a refined space, with measured elegance.