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Philosophy: Time and emotion
Some products have been bought for their price. Other, like clothes, for their beauty. There are products that remain beautiful, elegant over time. Falegnami's research results in emotional, functional and long lasting products, favoring the highest quality materials available and eco-friendly processes.

Often companies talk about quality without a true difference of the materials used in the working process. Falegnami chooses to use real wood and natural materials, eco-friendly and respectful of well-being. Everything must be tested: security, reliability in time, non-toxicity, light-resistance, color stability. Wood, fabric, leather. Falegnami is about real quality in each part, each detail.

Not only design...
In the bedroom we spend one third of our life. Therefore it is important to assure overall well-being, with low-impact lacquers, mattresses with removable covers, and bases made of pure birch slats. Glass shelves for the wardrobes and walk-closets are tempered, hygenic, easy to clean and do not clutter. Sliding doors can be changed over time to reflect changes in fashion and mood.