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Sergey Konstantinov Russian Art Festival at Arttitud San Francisco (

"In conjunction with the artMRKT San Francisco international art fair, Arttitud presents Russian Art Festival, an exhibition featuring fine art in traditional and contemporary styles by a select group of Russian and Eastern European-born and trained artists. Curated by Tatiana Takaeva, these critically acclaimed artists have shown their work internationally and include among their accomplishments considerable museum exposure, significant commissions, and placements in numerous collections both domestically and abroad."

Chemical-free design furniture in California (

"Buying furniture is not only about design and ones needs to think about the health impact of such a purchase. Is it safe? Does it contain a health hazard? The expertise of an interior designer or furniture expert will help as they keep on top of the newest safety rules and latest design trends. With this in mind we want to share with you that California regulations often have an impact far beyond the State, such as TB117: a California Fire Safety standard established in 1975."

Russian Pavilion at Arttitud San Francisco (

"Group Show. Russian Pavilion at Arttitud San Francisco. We are happy to welcome Russian Pavilion to Arttitud San Francisco for Fine Art Week, May 17-19, 2013."

Arttitud: Russian Pavilion (

"The Russian Pavilion is a juried art exhibition showcasing emerging and established artists from Russia, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Baltic regions during leading international contemporary art fairs in New York, San Francisco and Miami." 

Opening Night of Russian Pavilion at Arttitud (

"Adopting healthy habits is key to health. Enjoying the arts is one of them. With this in mind, we are thrilled to share that Russian Pavilion will be celebrated at Arttitud San Francisco. This event will be in honor of Fine Art Week, San Francisco May 17-19, 2013."

The unveiling of Valery Yershov's new art collection (

"The unveiling of Valery Yershov's new art collection took place on November 14, 2012 at San Francisco's premiere design showroom: Arttitud, San Francisco. The magnificent event was orchestrated under Tatiana Takaeva's watchful expertise."

The unveiling of SOMA rising by Arttitud (

"Tatiana Takaeva owner of San Francisco Premiere design showroom Arttitud, held a cocktail party and art exhibition at the SOMA Grand. Attendees were comprised of residents, press, and San Francisco's VIPs. A total of 4 paintings made by renown artist Patricia Araujo. Each 48" x 36", oil on canvas, were unveiled and are now exhibited at the SOMA Grand's lobby."

Watch out the Russians are coming: An art grand opening reception at Arttitud (

"Tatiana Takaeva, the fabulous creator of Arttitud in San Francisco, is known for representing top artists worldwide. She is at it again! Takaeva, just announced that international artist Valery Yershov, will be a featured guest at a VIP art grand opening reception she is hosting in her stunning showroom on November 14, 2012."

Tatiana Takaeva in San Francisco Business Times

"Tatiana Takaeva's Arttitud Showroom hosted world-renowned Ethiopian abstract painter Wosene Worke Kosrof at a special happening on Saturday, September 8th. Kosrof spoke for approximately half an hour to an assembled group of VIP guests. A collection of Wosene Worke Kosrof's work will be on display and for sale at Arttitud throughout September."

Arttitud in 7x7 Magazine

"On May 9, the showroom celebrated a unique milestone at 111 Potrero Avenue in San Francisco. Showroom and gallery creator Tatiana Takaeva... welcomed an upscale, sophisticated crowd to an evening filled with art, music and design."

Arttitud in Arthowl

"Arttitud, works by: Valentin Popov, Wosene Worke Kosrof, Samuel Takembaiyee and other artists." 


Arttitud has announced that founder Tatiana Takaeva will once again be attending this April's Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile), the world's largest home design exhibition. An expert with 17 years experience attending the Fair, Takaeva continues to build each year on her business relationships with the world's top high end furniture designers and manufacturers. It can be difficult to find expert advice, yet Arttitud offers free consultation based on the best of the best, with full insights into the most beautiful commercial and home furnishings in the world. Arttitud's San Francisco Showroom is at 111 Potrero Ave. 415.272.5588

"Tatiana: Cosmopolitan by Design" in 57 Degrees Magazine

"Once ruled by Catherine the Great, St. Petersburg, Russia is known for historic elegance, sophisticated architecture, and a cosmopolitan flair that seeps into the souls of those who live in and visit it. Growing up there proved inspirational for San Francisco designer Tatiana Takaeva, a woman whose trademark in life and business is renaissance modernism."

Arttitud in SF Chronicle

"It's a long way, visually speaking, from the neoclassical architecture of St. Petersburg's grand Hermitage Museum to the sensuous curves of Pierre Paulin's famed foam and rubber "tongue" chair for Artifort, a Dutch furniture maker. But the way Tatiana Takaeva sees it, the San Francisco Bay Area is the perfect place for a Russian civil engineer with contemporary sensibilities to showcase some of the world's leading lines of modern, streamlined chairs, couches and home accessories..."