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Leolux Booklet Collection 2013 (5.3MB pdf)


Collection-building, presentation, communication, styling and graphic design. At Leolux that all comes together in a solid and passionate team of people who are prepared to listen to one another but equally to experts from outside our own walls. In that open culture of exchange, Leolux gathers creative talents together that each contribute to the mission of "making sitting a pleasure" with their own background and talent.

A designer does not work in a vacuum. A designer is sensitive to trends and to the way we live.

The designer and the product developers at Leolux get down to work together to make a product from the first sketch that meets the criteria that Leolux sets for a piece of furniture. But the designer's basic idea must not be eroded thereby. The choice of materials, the dimensions, the comfort and the embroidery; all choices that are made in this stage are crucial to the quality of a product. The know-how and skills that Leolux has built up over more than seven decades give it a decisive lead. Not always visible on the outside, but more than perceptible as soon as you sit down.