Terbo Ted

As an artist, Terbo had three collaborative internet pieces added to the Permanent Collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in the early stages of the late 1990s 'dot com' boom. Ted or his work have appeared on- or in- PBS, NBC Europe, NHK Japan, National Geographic, the BBC, O'Reilly Books, Chronicle Books, and many more. Since 1990, he has continually performed, shown paintings or displayed other works in many small art galleries or venues in California and beyond.

Bright, colorful shapes tile together like pixels designed to stimulate your mind. Motifs appear and reappear across his collection of work, although it may be hard to see at times from a multimedia artist who takes the term 'multimedia' quite literally.

"...Terbo Ted combines patterns in unconventional ways..."

"All art exists in the eye of the beholder, so it's up to everyone to draw their own conclusions from what they're looking at. I could explain what's in my mind with my pieces, but that might have little or no congruity with what someone looking at them would think... One story I like to tell is how in Europe last year, a scientific study was released that proved appreciation of art releases chemicals in the brain, dopamine. So when you look at a piece of artwork, and have a day to day sort of interaction with it, you are undergoing the same kind physiological reactions you would from being in love."
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