Arttitud Art Curator Tatiana Takaeva

Since launching Arttitud in 2011, Showroom creator Tatiana Takaeva has quickly established herself as one of San Francisco's up-and-coming art curators. Takaeva has put together numerous art shows with a global roster of established artists in some of San Francisco's newest venues, attracting the attention of local media, collectors, other galleries and artists.

"Tatiana Takaeva, the fabulous creator of Arttitud in San Francisco, is known for representing top artists worldwide. She is at it again!"
San Francisco Examiner, October 18, 2012

"Showroom and gallery creator Tatiana Takaeva... welcomed an upscale, sophisticated crowd to an evening filled with art, music and design."
7x7 Magazine, August 2012

With a formal and professional background in architecture and design, Takaeva brings a fresh, aesthetic-based perspective to the art world.

"She is a visionary. Her background in architecture and interior design manifests in all of her curriculum from her early years to her current work at Arttitud and now curating at other venues in San Francisco. She selects the finest of interiors and has been representing local artists as well as International talent. She hosts beautiful art receptions. Always top notch."
- Artist Patricia Araujo

"I'm always comparing her to Gertrude Stein. The way the outspoken American author had an impact on the creative intelligentsia in 1920s Paris with her critical eye and Salon gatherings, Tatiana does the same thing today in San Francisco as a collector and curator, inspiring artists to create. Her cultural impact is priceless."
- Artist Terbo Ted

Tatiana has curated several shows over the years, which can be viewed under our Events tab.

At Arttitud, we believe that a love for design is as basic as the love for life itself. It turns mere products into brands that connect with their customers in a way that lasts a lifetime. It turns environments from practical destinations, into worlds where it is almost impossible to breakway from. It turns homes into an oasis of relaxation and stimulation. People who share this passion for design come from every corner of the globe. Our vision is for design to become the one true global language.

At the Arttitud showroom in San Francisco, you can select, see and experience firsthand high-end European furniture from the best designers in the world. The showroom is presented as a design center with full design consultations and custom furniture orders.

At Arttitud, we can help you with the art selection and custom art installations by American and international artists to make your interiors special.